Bounce Back Receding Tides

by Ernest Armah

Emotion is like the breeze which drags the sea to the shore,
It recedes,
Only to come back with another strong momentum,
gracing our feet with another crop of sea.

A heart under lock,
only beats to survive,
Not to live,
because it does not expect any key to true happiness.
It beats anguish into the blood stream.
It either kills instantly,
Or makes one a walking dead.

Yes, a heart could recede,
into the smallest corner of Hades.
But it could gasp bits of audacity,
to the frontier of a fresh beginning,
and experience.

Never dig a ground to bury your heart,
where no one could find to love,
Lest it bitter your emotions,
and wither your chances to true happiness.

In the glare of whoever claims to adore your heart,
go gay!
Bounce back receding tides,
go childish,
go silly,
go out-rageous.

Wobble the table with bolt cracking jokes,
Wet the atmosphere with cackling babbling laughter,
Honor civil fantasies with reality,
Bounce back receding tides.