Shining in the Window and Dreaming Away

by Ernest Armah

Rampant and Golden

I see for miles
the roads that end here
and those that lead away from here
and I see them
piercing the horizon at the edges
where the skyline unfurls
with subtle grandeur,
split tone red and Dali blue.

I remember M.C. Escher
and his hyperbolic art
and feel as if
I were at the center
of everything that moves
and breathes and grows

and dances

and the light follows my shadow
and the rain remembers my tears.

See it’s your love
that put me here
at the core of the universe
for you to come home to everyday

and I cast my eye dreamily
in this quadrant of sky
and let my thoughts run free
as I wait
for the outskirts of my known world
to return you to me
and this space between four walls
we have made our own
where you will walk in
through the…

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