by Ernest Armah

What does it taste like
After our lips have touched?
What’s the somatic reaction
After a hug?
When we hold hands together
Cross streets together
With thoughts never promising any asunder
Does our hearts beat normally in all these?
This is what I can tell you
Because I do not know about you
It is a great feeling.

Close your eyes
Tap into the furnace within which our passion flared
Feel the rhythm that cannot be set to any beat
Feel the heat that would never succumb to retreat
An inferno we relished
A hell of a heaven
Cloudy overcast yet a dense sunshine
Baking the soil upon which our legs tread
With no sense of dread
Because love bears all things.

Pain then, pleasure now
We understood it
That’s why before calling each other ‘honey’
We allowed ourselves to be bitten by bees
If we haven’t hurt
How could we have cared?
For here’s a shameless optimist
There’s an ardent pessimist
At the center lies our commonality
A neutral point on our scale
An arbitrator between our two extremes.

Of different backgrounds
We were
That’s complicated
Of love together bonded
We are
That’s simple