Live What You Believe

by Ernest Armah

Did you ever run after a place

Only to get there to realize it was a mirage?

Did you ever set a fire, to endlessly flame

On a hill for all to know that you were here

Only for the clouds to precipitate?

For how long did you wait for the sun to rise?

You sought to placate the monster in your dream

You didn’t believe you would win neither did you believe you would lose

You just kept fighting.

You believed, so you lived

Had you measured your efforts to the forts before you

None would have told you how unworthy you were except you

In the arena of gallantry and zeal.

You believed, so you lived

Knowing that a miracle become routine when it’s habituated

So you braced for war as if you never had an Achilles heel

You fought arm-less against men with swords and shields

You bargained neither for life nor death

All you wanted to do was to fight, to try

Should you come out alive

Your life then becomes a miracle.

You believed, so you lived

By keeping pace in the space for your race

Men haven’t wearied you

Hence soon you run against horses

Easy, easy or your soles would creak