Don’t Wait; Start Now

by Ernest Armah

“I suspect the truth is that we are waiting, all of us, against insurmountable odds, for something extraordinary to happen to us.”
“I learned that the world didn’t see the inside of you, that it didn’t care a whit about the hopes and dreams, and sorrows that lay masked behind skin and bone.”

– Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed



Here was a pretty lady who made a living as a Store Assistant. In her diary were endless lists of dreams she wanted to realize. However, her monthly earnings did not permit her to do so. One day, she got sick only to be told by the doctor that she had Lampington’s disease (a neurological disorder causing multiple brain tumors) and that she had only a few weeks to live. Her heart was broken. But she decided to do what she was so scared of and couldn’t do early on – live her dream. The transience of life dawned on her and she was propelled by her extraordinary circumstance to live the blissful life she had denied herself of all along. She did exactly that and went to places which used to exist in her imagination. Afterwards, she was informed that she had been misdiagnosed. And she had more years to live.

Aside the medical error, the certainty of death within a short time propelled the lady to go beyond dreaming. It became clear to her that she had to live the dream. In doing so, she positively affected the lives of others. She treated everyone with warmth and care. The scenario above is the plot in Last Holiday, a comedy movie directed by Wayne Wang.

We are only sure about our lives in the moment. In spite of this, we habitually postpone things that truly matter to us. Things which when we do, would make our lives glow. Things which would put smiles on the faces of our loved ones and other people in our lives. Yet we’ve always kept these things in the wardrobe of tomorrows.

It is true that extraordinary situations make ordinary people act extraordinarily. These situations can either be positive or negative. However equally important is the question, why wait until something happens to you?

Your mind is the most extraordinary gift. That’s all you need to be extraordinary. As a man (woman) thinketh, so is he or she. Think of noble pathways to live your dream. You know, some people hold this erroneous mindset that you need to steal or cheat people before you can live your dream. That is a statement from the pit of deception and corruption. You can live your dream from the sweat of your brow.

Your life in itself should be geared toward your hopes and dreams. Make it a personal responsibility to do so. And how can you do this? Through the setting of goals and strategies. Never allow the fear of failure, disappointment, and rejection immobilize you from setting goals for yourself. A person with goals is a person on a mission with a bag of tricks (strategies). Make every second of your life count. And don’t play games with time.
You can live with a heart in mind. Let the expected feeling of achieving your dream be stronger than your fear of failure. Imagining your life in a setting of realized goals is enough motivation.

So don’t wait for something tragic to happen to you before you set body and soul on your dreams. Irrespective of the situation, be it good or bad, embark on a journey of achieving your dreams.

And trust me, setting your mind on your dreams and translating them into reality through goals despite challenges would be rewarding and change your attitude towards life. You would start seeing the world differently and a certain positive restlessness would possess you.

Now write down your dreams, translate them into goals and tell me whether you are feeling the same way you used to feel in the absence of a written blueprint for your dreams. Shalom!