Why Homosexuals would Win

by Ernest Armah


50 years from now, same-sex relationships would be acceptable. And faecal incontinence would just be like any other physical illness such as headache. Our children would have a choice (irrespective of their psycho-biological blueprint) to be either straight, bisexual or gay. The church would eventually lose its grip on morality and would protect its reputation with the politically correct credo “That shall not judge”.

Those protesting against the mainstreaming of homosexuality are fighting a losing battle. Same-sex lobbyists are capitalizing on what most of us identify with. Talk about Martin Luther King clamoring for the civil rights of marginalized blacks; Nelson Mandela pulling down the divisive walls of apartheid; Jesus Christ preaching unconditional love. The homosexual campaign is definitely led by sharp minds. They have shut the mouths of their naysayers with what they (naysayers) could speak with. Can you be tolerant, unconditionally loving, inclusiveness-postured without being anti-homo?

This is a game of wits, power and influence. Our media is getting saturated with homosexual content. Children including adults who resist the act are subtly getting indoctrinated. Learning and unlearning are taking place. Though a person’s conscious mind would resist the act, his or her unconscious mind is accumulating lots of material through constant exposure to homosexual content.

These guys are too smart to know that you won’t watch a movie titled “Say YES to homo”. They mostly operate on the principle of classical conditioning. Do you have a favorite musician, actor, politician, movie series (like Game of Thrones), etc.? They know you’ve come to like these persons and programmes so much that you would easily assimilate anything associated with them. So they pair what you like (your personalities and TV programs) to what you don’t like (homosexuality). It is just like a lady who wants to abstain from sex till marriage but she is always on her boyfriend’s bed half-naked. One day, she would be broken. Watching a movie series with homo content (even a content that spans less than 30 secconds) strips your mind half-naked, splitting your conscious and unconscious minds which would ultimately weaken your resolve. One day, your defense would be broken.

The media, music, movies, novels and educational content are the weapons of mass instruction homo lobbyists are using to neutralize resolve to resist their agenda. You can’t beat them by throwing temper tantrums.